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Software Catalog

A selection of our locally developed open-source software is available for download from the links on this page. This is not an exhaustive list of Livermore-created tools; these and other active projects are featured on

AMG2013 A parallel algebraic multigrid solver for linear systems with problems on unstructured grids
Download AMG2013
AutomaDeD A diagnostic program that identifies performance and correctness faults in MPI
Download AutomaDeD
BABEL High-performance language interoperability tool for scientific applications
Download BABEL
Boxfish A new paradigm for projecting and visualizing performance data obtained from one domain onto others for improved analysis of applications
Download Boxfish
Caliper A general-purpose application introspection system that acts as the “glue” that connects various independent context annotations, measurement services, and data processing services.
Download Caliper
CBTF A community tool interface for finding compatible components and for helping facilitate communication between them
Download CBTF
Cram A tool that runs many small MPI jobs within a single, large MPI job
Download Cram
DAMPI A scalable formal verification tool for distributed analysis of MPI
Compact applications that focus on alleviating the effects of the “memory wall”
Download a variety of benchmarks here, including PERM and DI-MMAP
fgfs A package that helps retrieve global information for a file
Download fgfs
fpzip A library for lossless or lossy compression of various scalar fields
Download fpzip
GLVis A lightweight tool for accurate and flexible visualization of finite element meshes and functions
Download GLVis
GREMLINs A tool that emulates the behavior of anticipated future architectures on current machines
Download GREMLINs
hypre A library of high-performance preconditioners
Download hypre
hzip A library for lossless compression of hexahedral and quadrilateral meshes
Download hzip
Lassen A mini-app intended to explore varying load balance
LaunchMON A software infrastructure that enables HPC run-time tools to co-locate tool daemons with a parallel job
Download LaunchMON
LCALS A collection of loop kernels for assessing compiler optimizations
Download LCALS
libMSR Flexible access to MSR registers on x86/64 Linux systems
Download libMSR
LIME An FPGA-based hardware memory subsystem emulator
Download LIME
LMAT Software tool designed to offer precise, scalable metagenomic analysis
Download LMAT
LULESH A highly simplified proxy application for solving a Sedov blast problem with analytic answers
Download LULESH
MCB Benchmark that models the solution of a simple heuristic transport equation on parallel architectures
Download MCB
MemAxes Interactive visualization of memory access samples
Download MemAxes
Memcheck View A tool that detects a comprehensive set of memory errors, including reads and writes of unallocated or freed memory and memory leaks
Download Memcheck View
MFEM A finite element toolbox that provides the building blocks for developing finite element algorithms
Download MFEM
mpiP A lightweight profiling library for MPI applications
Download mpiP
MPI_T An interface for tools introduced in the 3.0 version of MPI
Download Gyan or MPIT_VarList
Mulard A mini-app that solves multi-group diffusion equations coupled to a material energy equation
Muster A framework for parallel cluster analysis, particularly for performance evaluations on systems with large numbers of processes
Download Muster
NEWS05 A message passing interface (MPI) performance program that serves as an efficient communication system diagnostic program
Download NEWS05
ODE solvers Fortran solvers for ordinary differential equation (ODE) problems
Download Double Precision ODEPACK
Download Single Precision ODEPACK
Download LSODE
Download VODE
Download VODPK
Download GEARBI
Download KRYSI
Open|SpeedShop An open-source multi-platform tool to support performance analysis of applications
Download Open|SpeedShop
Overture A code framework that provides flexible software development environments for applications that simulate physical processes in complex-moving geometry
Download Overture
Parallel Print
A utility function for collating and printing messages from parallel programs
Download PPF_Print
PERFDump Flexible data collection with thread support.
Download PERFDump
Pianola Software for creating and replaying script-based input/output benchmarks
Download Pianola
PnMPI A tool that monitors the communication of various applications
Download PnMPI
Pynamic A benchmark designed to test a system’s ability to handle the dynamic linking and loading requirements of Python-based scientific applications
Download Pynamic
Ravel Visualization tool
Download Ravel
ROSE Compiler infrastructure to build source-to-source program transformation and analysis tools for large-scale applications
Download ROSE
Rubik A new paradigm for projecting and visualizing performance data obtained from one domain onto others for improved analysis of applications
Download Rubik
SAMRAI A library code base for exploring issues associated with structured adaptive mesh refinement
Download SAMRAI
SCR A tool that lessens the load on a system by changing the frequency or expense of applications
Download SCR
Slurm An open-source resource manager designed for Linux clusters of all sizes
Download Slurm
SOAR An implementation program for terrain visualization algorithms
Spack A flexible package manager designed to support multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers
Download Spack
Sphinx A flexible mechanism for running performance tests of MPI, Pthreads, and OpenMP
Spindle A tool for improving the library-loading performance of dynamically linked high-performance computing applications
Download Spindle
STAT A tool that identifies process groups that exhibit similar behaviors to debug problems
Download STAT
SUNDIALS ODE, differential-algebraic equation, and nonlinear solvers in C for serial and parallel machines
Tool Gear Infrastructure for improving performance and debugging errors
Download Tool Gear
VisIt An Open Source, interactive, scalable, visualization, animation and analysis tool.
Download VisIt MPI wrapper generator
XBraid A non-intrusive, general purpose parallel-in-time code
Download XBraid
zfp A library designed to achieve high-compression ratios for floating-point arrays
Download zfp