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Careers: Postdoctoral Researchers
Gain valuable experience through cutting-edge research

Computation’s world-class research community is made even more dynamic by our extremely successful Postdoctoral Research Program. Our postdocs work with staff scientists on interesting, challenging research with significant potential—all in the national interest.
Check out our current job openings for opportunities to deepen your expertise in a cutting-edge research environment. LLNL is a unique, collegial atmosphere for postdocs. Not only will you work with some of the world’s top scientists, you’ll have access to incomparable resources, such as Sequoia and some of the most advanced computing facilities ever. Because of LLNL’s established relationships with industry and government partners, you’ll  also interact with an external network of power players. These are resources you won’t find elsewhere.
As a postdoc in Computation, you’ll be connected with a scientist who will mentor you in both your research and professional goals. Mentors guide your research activities within the goals of their project and help you solidify your career path, whether it’s at LLNL or in academia, industry, or another lab. It’s very important to us that your research activities have publication potential. We encourage our postdocs to write grants, publish their research, and present their work in scientific workshops, poster symposiums, and conferences.
Every postdoctoral position is also guaranteed a significant program benefit: up to 25% career development funding . This gives you some freedom to pursue your own research agenda and form new collaborations. Most other labs don’t offer this.
As a postdoc, you’ll also be able to participate in career-development opportunities. In addition to more formal classes, monthly brown-bag discussions with panels of senior researchers are held on topics such as reviewing papers, understanding research funding sources, and developing a professional network.
Postdocs at LLNL have their own network, too. You’ll have a community of peers that shares experiences and advice. A lab-wide postdoc association, led by postdocs for postdocs, helps promote the visibility of postdocs’ research, provide resources for career development, and plan social activities that take advantage of all the East Bay has to offer.
The postdoctoral program is very important to us. It provides an influx of new ideas and energy, and furthers our commitment to a diverse intellectual community. Postdocs help us maintain our technical vitality and expand our research horizons so that we can continue to solve the challenges of tomorrow.