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Partnerships: Industry
Supercharging the innovation process

For decades, LLNL has been partnering with American industry to solve complex problems for our nation. Now we are looking to expand these opportunities for engagement. LLNL’s Computation organization offers outstanding computer science expertise, world-class high-performance computing capabilities, and creative technology and software solutions to enable scientific discovery and tackle problems both large and small. By leveraging the scientific and computational expertise at LLNL, organizations can potentially gain a competitive advantage in this global economy.

We believe that American companies are on the cusp of a revolution in the adoption of high performance computing technologies and techniques to solve their problems. Whether your company is looking to improve product design, development, or manufacturing, or extract additional value from your data, high performance computing is an enabling technology that can generate rapid progress on key issues relevant to your company. We aim to help drive this effort through our industrial partnerships. As Dona Crawford, LLNL’s associate director for Computation, says, “We have some of the fastest computers on the planet. But more importantly, what we can offer to the private sector is the experience and expertise to use these computers to make a difference to their industry.”

An average of two dozen companies partner with Computation each year, either by engaging LLNL’s high performance computing resources and expertise or co-designing computer systems with us. Many companies that could benefit from high performance computing are hesitant to enter into collaborative arrangements because their work involves trade secrets or intellectual property fundamental to the company’s survival. Fortunately, working with a national laboratory partner means that you are embarking on a collaboration with a trusted research partner, not a competitor. Among the national laboratories, LLNL offers a unique combination of world-class machines and partnership agreements that enable proprietary research.

We’re making partnering with us easier than ever before. Together with Sandia National Laboratories, LLNL has established an open, easily accessible research and collaboration space called the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC). At LVOC’s High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC), industrial visitors can meet with LLNL computer experts and discuss ways to solve specific scientific problems more effectively. By providing companies with facilities, secure supercomputer access, and robust collaboration tools, the HPCIC fosters innovation through the use of the world’s fastest, most efficiently operated, massively parallel computers.

Engaging the computational resources of a global leader in supercomputing can yield innovative solutions to industry’s toughest problems. In turn, partnering with industry exposes our computational scientists to new research challenges and ideas, which can ultimately benefit our mission-oriented work. Through these partnerships, industry will now be able to tap the same capabilities and expertise that have allowed LLNL to successfully meet its vital national security missions.