Events: Grace Hopper Celebration
GHC17: LLNL presenters and participants

Many LLNL women and allies attend Grace Hopper Celebration every year to learn, to network, and to be inpsired.  They also recruit new folks to support our mission: science in the public interest.

Two of this year’s attendees were recruited at a previous GHC, and we’d like to share their stories to encourage other GHC attendees to come visit our booth and talk to our knowledgable and approachable staff.

LLNL recruiters discovered Amanda Minnich through GHC’s resume database. She interviewed at the conference and could quickly tell it was a good fit.  Amanda joined the lab as a staff scientist in July 2017.  “Now I apply my machine learning skills to optimize drug discovery,” says Amanda. “I am so grateful to GHC for connecting me with my dream job!”

At previous career fairs and conferences, Waverly Roeger had talked to many recruiters without really connecting. At last year’s Grace Hopper Celebration, something clicked. “The people at the LLNL booth made genuine conversation, talking about important and interesting work going on at the Lab, the diversity of the work, the diversity of the people, and the work-life balance,” noted Waverly.”At GHC, the environment is built for success and support, and I was already at peak confidence and enthusiasm for my impromptu interview/prolonged-conversation which catapulted me through the hiring process.” 

At GHC17, Waverly and Amanda encouraged others to join them in using their computing skills to meet our important mission. Here’s what Waverly had to say about her time behind the booth:

This year I was lucky to join LLNL women at #GHC17, and I was again blown away by their character, warmth, joy, and overwhelming generosity. Being on this side of the booth, I got a much more in-depth view of my chosen home, and I can reaffirm my initial impression on the culture at the Lab. I’m so happy to be a part of this family and trying my best to channel all of the good qualities these women emanate, and I’m excited to grow alongside them. —Waverly Wu

We hope to see you at #GHC18!


Attention Freshmen/Sophomore students: please also apply to DOE SULI program to “maximize resume coverage” (increasing number of times resume is brought in front of managers). Summer applications are due January 12, 2018 5:00 PM ET.



Our Computation and LLNL professionals at GHC17:

Our Presenters

Stephanie Labasan and Kathleen Shoga 

#HPCMatters: Transform the World with High Performance Computing
Student Opportunity Lab
Friday | 9-noon | OCCC WF2 | Audience: Student/Early Career

What is high performance computing (HPC) and what is its impact on the world of science?
What are some ways to gain HPC exposure? What opportunities can you leverage to start a
career in HPC? Come chat with two recent graduates now pursing different careers in HPC.
We will share personal experiences that sparked our initial interest in this area, and provide
attendees with a handout of resources.

Stephanie’s interests: HPC, power-constrained HPC, resource management, performance
monitoring, scientific visualization, Student internships in ISCR, Lawrence Graduate
Scholar Program
Kathleen’s interests: performance monitoring, system administration, big data clusters,
performance tools


Committee Members


Anh Tu Quach

Committee Member: Organization Transformation
Anita Borg Institute Systers Affinity Community: Vietnamese Women in Computing co-founder/co-chair
Interests: web applications development (front end dev), some GIS, environmental domain,
HR (recruiting, benefits, onboarding, student programs, social media) 



Tammy Dahlgren

Committee Member, Co-chair: Software Engineering
Interests: HPC, UQ workflow, component middleware, supervisory control systems, archival
storage systems, applications, software engineering, SQA, prior experience as CS/SE
adjunct and student programs


Kathryn Mohror

Committee Member: Software Engineering
Interests: performance measurement and analysis, extreme scale fault-tolerance, extreme
scale tools, scalable storage and I/O


Irina Abramova

Committee Member: Scholarship
Interests: Web development, natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning


Ines Heinz

Committee Member: Human Computer Interaction
Sessions: Presentations: HCI | Conversational Co-Creation with Talk Bubbles
Interests: diversity, recruiting


Our Hiring Managers

Marcey Kelley

Computation Workforce Manager
Interests: hiring, diversity, student programs


Rita Ann Brosius

Associate Division Leader
Interests: Web design, user experience, usability, recruiting, professional development, mentoring


Robin Goldstone

Interests: HPC platforms and system software, big data, cloud computing, next generation
computing and storage technologies


Tony Baylis

Director for the Office of Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Programs
Interests: diversity programs, student programs; male ally





Devon Bates

Interests: Data visualization, UI and web development


Jamie Bramwell

Interests: HPC, engineering application development, modeling and simulation, new mom perspective\


Emily Brannan

Interests: Recruiting, diversity, women in tech


Dianne Calloway

Interests:  Web application development, Environment, Safety and Health, business
applications, recruiting, mid- career+


Cathy Chang

Interests: Software testing (manual & using automated tools), web applications


Diane Chinn

Interests: Engineering, materials science, manufacturing, diagnostics, sensors, microfabrication,
imaging, design


Yahel De La Cruz


Software Development, SQA, HR, PeopleSoft and Oracle systems, software development/applications,
business apps, HR policies, HR analytics, Benefits, Compensation, Recuriting, employement,
STEAM outreach, Diversity & Inclusion



Giussepe Di Natale

Interests: Software Engineering & Development, File Systems, Continuous Integration,
STEM and Student Outreach


Apurva Gowda

Interests: Photonic systems, RF Systems, Wireless Communication, Radar Systems, Signal Processing


Neda Gray

Interests: Coming soon


Jovana Helms

Interests: Cyber security, Cyber Risk, Resilience, Systems Analysis


Sookyung Kim

Interests: Coming soon


Christine Klymko

Interests: network analysis, numerical linear algebra, graph algorithms, data mining, scientific
computing, numerical analysis, matrix analysis



Rachael Lemos

Interests: Web application development, human centered design, performance tools


Peggy Li

Interests: Coming soon


Jessica Mauvais

Interests: Full stack web development, data science, visualization, Girls Who Code, diversity


Bethany McCormick

Interests: Coming soon


Amanda Minnich

Interests: Data mining, machine learning, biology, drug discovery, cyber security,
STEM outreach and mentoring


Stacy Reed

Interests: Desktop support, customer service, diversity and inclusion, continuing education,
work-life balance


Waverly Roeger

Interests: Algorithms, graph theory, art, coding outreach, diversity and inclusion in STEM,
maze design, cultural awareness, music, spreadsheets, traveling the world


Janet Seidl

Interests: web application development, diversity and inclusion, STEM and student outreach
(Girls Who Code, Expanding Your Horizons), experience with diverse roles/domains,
continuing education program, work-life balance


Danielle Sikich

Interests: Distributed filesystems, machine learning, I/O & data management tools


Suzanne Singer

Interests: engineering, finite element modeling, multiphysics simulations, energy,
systems analysis, STEM outreach, American Indian Program


Danielle Sullivan

Interests: data science, machine learning, information retrieval, data visualization




Judy Thomas

Interests: web application development, big data, and work-life balance


Katrina Trujillo

Interests: Diversity, women in tech, leadership, recruiting





Laura Weber

Interests: Scientific data visualization, web applications, UI/UX