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GHC16: LLNL presenters and participants

Look for our Computation and LLNL professionals at GHC16!

Our Presenters

Emily Diana

Poster: Domain Decomposition with Recursive Inertial Bisection
October 19, 2016 | 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm | Hall C

In this work, we compare the performance of two partitioning algorithms, Recursive
Coordinate Bisection and Recursive Inertial Bisection, in the mesh generation of
ALE3D, a massively parallel physics simulation. Analyzing load balance, grind time,
and ghost zones on a 10 million element, 512 domain mesh, we compare time invested
in RIB with time saved in the subsequent simulation’s runtime.



Ann Anh Tu Quach | [bio] | @quach2 | @VietWiC

Committe Member: Organizational Transformation

Interests: web applications development (front end dev), some GIS, environmental domain,
HR (recruiting, benefits, onboarding, student programs, social media)

Community BOF: Expanding Systers Communities Globally and Culturally
October 20, 2016 | 9:00 am - 10:00 am | GRB 371 A-C

Systers community celebrates its diversity through various affinity and special interest groups.
We acknowledge that various women are at the intersection of gender and race, ethnicity and culture.


Kathleen Shoga and Stephanie Labasan (U of O)

#HPCMatters: Understanding the Hype of High Performance Computing
Student Opportunity Lab
October 21, 2016 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Hall A3

The Student Opportunity Lab (SOL) is an interactive session where attendees can seek personalized advice.
Our focus is on students and providing practical techniques/tools to help them achieve their career goals.

Kathleen’s interests: student internships, performance monitoring, big data, low-level counters

Stephanie’s interests: HPC, power-constrained HPC, scientific visualization, student internships,
Lawrence Graduate Scholar Program

Committee Members

Irina Abramova | @inabramova

Committee Member: Products A-Z, scholarship

Interests: Web development, natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning


Tammy Dahlgren

Committee Member, Co-chair: Software Engineering

Interests: HPC, UQ workflow, component middleware, supervisory control systems, archival storage systems,
applications, software engineering, SQA, prior experience as CS/SE adjunct and student programs


Marisol Gamboa

Committee member: Student Opportunity Lab

Global Security is looking for Data Scientists, Web Application Developers, Cyber Security
and general Computer Scientists. We will be available for on-site screening.


Olga Pearce*

Committee member: Computer Systems Engineering

Interests: HPC, parallel computing, simulations, application load balancing, parallel algorithms,
parallel performance

Our Hiring Managers

Kim Cupps

Computing Department Associate Director

Interests: HPC, operations, archival storage, file systems, student programs


Trish Damkroger | @trish_damkroger

LLNL Associate Director, Computation (Acting)

Interests: HPC, software applications, student programs


Robin Goldstone | @RobinGoldstone


Interests: HPC platforms and system software, big data, cloud computing, next generation computing
and storage technologies


Pam Hamilton

Livermore Computing Special Projects Leader

Interests: HPC, system software (operating systems, parallel file systems)


Marcey Kelley

Computation Workforce Manager

Interests: hiring, diversity, student programs


Sue Marlais

IT operations, services, infrastructure, applications, cyber security


Celeste Matarazzo


data Science, Cyber security, project management, research management, student outreach,
middle school/high school camps


Valerie Noble

Group Leader, Application and Information Manager

Interests: data architecture, application integration, web technologies, and data virtualization


Becky Springmeyer

Livermore Computing Division Leader

Interests: HPC, hiring


Terri Quinn

Computing Department Head

Interests: HPC


Tony Baylis | @GetInvolve1

Director for the Office of Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Interests: diversity programs, student programs; male ally


Selected Participants

Yahel de la Cruz | @yaheldlc 


Oracle and PeopleSoft (PS) HR applications, peoplecode, PS query/reporting,
software engineering and development, project management, systems analysis, HR policies and benefits




Carla Manin

Software engineering, web/desktop application development, user interface design,
student internship experience   


Janet Seidl


Interests: web development, diverse roles/domains, continuing education program, work-life balance,
diversity and inclusion, Girls Who Code, Cyber Defenders high school program, Lab daycare



Jeene Villanueva | @JeeneVillanueva


Interests: web application development, diversity and inclusion, recruiting, student outreach
(Expanding Your Horizons Math & Science conference planning and implementation),
project leadership and management



Lindsey Whitehurst | @WhitehurstLindz


Interests: software and cyber security, software engineering


Ulrike Yang

HPC, scientific software, computational mathematics, parallel processing


Where We’ll Be @GHC

BOOTH #2915

When Internship Contacts will be Available:

  • HPC Cluster Engineer Academy
    Wednesday, 1:30–5:pm | Thursday, 3:30–5:30pm | Friday, 12–2:30pm
  • Data Heroes
    Wesdnesday 12–1:45 | Thursday 4–5pm | Friday 11am–12pm
  • CyberDefenders
    Wednesday 5–6pm | Thursday 11:30am–12:30 and 5–5:30pm | Friday 1–2:30pm

Featured Jobs


Attention Freshmen/Sophomore students: please also apply to DOE SULI program to “maximize resume coverage” (increasing number of times resume is brought in front of managers). Summer applications are due January 13, 2017.

Early Career





*unable to attend GHC16