Teamwork builds the best products

Computation Web Team (alphabetical)

Holly Auten, Web Content Lead
Meg Epperly, Web Development, Graphic Design, and Photography
Ian Freeman, Technical Lead
Kyle McAneney, Web Development
Justin Mello, Web Development
Deanna Willis, Project Manager and Communications Point of Contact

Emeritus Contributors (alphabetical)

Andrea Baron, Web Content
Kris Fury, Web Content
Isabel Futral, Web Content
Elizabeth Gebur, Web Content
Rose Hansen, Web Content and Photography
Don Johnston, Web Content
Ben Kennedy, Web Content
Laura Schulz, Web Team Lead, Original Information Architect, Original System Architect
Garrett Stevenson, Web Development

Site Photography by

Michael Anthony
Lee Baker
Wayne Butman
Acen Datuin
Meg Epperly
Ian Fabre
Isabel Futral
Ross Gaunt
Rose Hansen
Maren Hunsberger
Damien Jemison
Ty King
George Kitrinos
Petros Koumoutsakos, zVg/CSE Laboratory, ETH Zurich
Liam Krauss
Jacqueline McBride
Zeke Morton
Anders Petersson
Lanie Rivera
Nancy Rutter
Sandy Schaeffer
Laura Schulz
Ron Tong
Randy Wong
LLNL Public Affairs Office
Courtesy of Cray

All images edited by Meg Epperly.

All photographers are from LLNL unless otherwise indicated.