Vulcan helps U.S. industry gain a global competitive edge
Vulcan supercomputer at LLNL


Vulcan is one of the largest, most capable computational resources available in the U.S. for industrial collaborators. This prodigious unclassified supercomputer is shared by the M&IC and ASC programs, with 1.5 of its 5 petaFLOP/s directly supporting NNSA’s mission to enhance U.S. economic competitiveness. Partners access Vulcan, whether for open, publishable science or business-sensitive and proprietary research, through the High Performance Computing Innovation Center.

HPCIC partners gain access to both a percentage of Vulcan for a period of time and to the entire associated infrastructure available in the world-class LC HPC environment, including subject-matter experts, network access, file systems, archive storage, and help-line support.   

In addition to supporting HPCIC efforts, Vulcan is used for NNSA research programs, academic alliances, and LLNL institutional science and technology efforts.

The 24-rack IBM Blue Gene/Q system is based on the POWER architecture. Vulcan was part of the contract that brought Sequoia to Livermore.

Processor Architecture

Power7, PowerPC A2 (IBM)

Operating System

RHEL (login) CNK (compute)

Cluster/System Usage

capability parallel computing

Processor Clock Rate/Process Clock Speed

3.7 GHz (login) 1.6 GHz (compute)



Cores per Node

48 (login, Power7); 16 (compute, PPC A2)

Total Cores

393,216 compute cores

Memory per Node

64 GB (login); 16 GB (compute)

Total Memory

400 TB compute memory