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What Is MemcheckView?

MemcheckView is a GUI front end for Valgrind's Memcheck tool, which can detect a comprehensive set of memory errors, including reads and writes of unallocated or freed memory, reads of unitialized memory, and memory leaks.

The MemcheckView GUI uses the Tool Gear viewer to display and organize Memcheck's output in a way that makes it much easier to examine the most-critical Memcheck warnings first. MemcheckView also displays the relevant source code for each warning and the source code can be viewed for the entire call chain, if desired. The MemcheckView package includes scripts (memcheck_all, memcheck) that provide an easy way to run Memcheck on parallel (MPI) and serial applications.

Because Memcheck generates its output file on the fly while the application is running, the MemcheckView tool can monitor this output file and update the display continually. MemcheckView can also read a completed output file after the monitored application has exited.

A brief overview of using MemcheckView is given below. A much more detailed description of how to use Valgrind's Memcheck tool, the MemcheckView GUI, and the provided memcheck_all script on LLNL's supercomputers is also available.

Using MemcheckView

The initial display (screen shot below) shows a condensed version of the Memcheck output in the upper pane. Clicking on any triangles next to a header reveals more information.

Clicking on the wide drop-down menu (also called combo box) shows the error message categories organized by type. You can also see all the error message types ordered by the frequency.

Selecting an error type presents a list of all these errors in the upper pane (screen shot below). Clicking a triangle reveals more information about the error, and the lower pane shows the location in source code where the error was found. Additional tabs on the lower pane allow you to see other source locations relevant to the error, such as where the memory involved in an error was allocated or freed. The combo box above the lower pane lets you see the source for each of the calling functions in the traceback.

Download MemcheckView

The MemcheckView distribution is available on the Download Tool Gear Software page.


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Last modified December 6, 2012