A Multigrid Tutorial, Second Edition
Slide Presentation

The first edition of this book grew out of a presentation, entitled "A Multigrid Tutorial," that Bill gave at the Third Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods, that was held in (surprise!) Copper Mountain, Colorado, in 1987. Steve and Van were both present for this inaugural presentation.

Bill wrote the first edition as a direct result of the highly favorable public response to that first presentation.

Over the years, Bill, and later Steve and Van, have all had numerous occasions to present the tutorial to various audiences, using Bill's original slides. Last year we finally joined the modern world and put together the tutorial presentation as a powerpoint file.

Here are the current slides, in PDF format. (Actually, this is not quite the most current version, as both Van and Steve have made recent updates. When they get merged, we'll post a newer version.)

  • Slides from the original tutorial (Chapters 1-5 of the book). UCRL-VG-136819
  • Slides covering some of the new material (Chapters 6-8 of the book). UCRL-VG-136819 Pt 2