A Multigrid Tutorial, Second Edition
Critical Commentary

We're not aware of the book having been reviewed by any of the math or industry journals. When and if it is reviewed, we will post reviews here.

The only commentary we have to date is one written by C. T. Kelley as part of the publisher's prepublication review process. Here is what Tim had to say:

This is a great book for students. I taught a one-semester course in multilevel methods, and used this book for half of the material. I'm a very happy customer. The exposition is clear and well motivated. There is just the right amount of theory. The authors have gone out of their way to make it easy for a student to implement the methods, see their performance, and do their own experiments. The problems in the book are thoughtfully designed. My students really enjoyed the book. --C. T. Kelley, North Carolina State University

If you would like to contribute commentary, send it to Van at vhenson@llnl.gov, and we'll post it here.