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The Nonlinear Solvers and Differential Equations (NSDE) project is focused on research and development of nonlinear solvers and sensitivity analysis techniques for nonlinear, time-dependent and steady state partial differential equations. We are implementing our methods into a suite of software codes: CVODE/PVODE for systems of ordinary differential equations, IDA for differential-algebraic systems, and KINSOL for nonlinear systems of equations. Current and future research is concentrating on the use of our nonlinear solvers and sensitivity techniques in the development of uncertainty quantification, model evaluation, and optimization techniques for nonlinear systems, as well as the combination of optimization under uncertainty. Our research is sponsored by the DOE Office of Science through the Mathematical, Information, and Computer Sciences Division Applied Mathematics Sciences Program and through the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing program. We are also funded by the DOE's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) as part of the DOE's stockpile stewardship program.

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For more information, contact: Carol Woodward, Project Lead, 925-424-6013,