Adaptive Mesh Refinement

We are researching parallel adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) simulation techniques for ASC applications. AMR is an important simulation methodology that provides both spatial and temporal refinement to focus computational resources in targeted portions of the computational domain. Our AMR efforts emphasize complex coupled physics, sophisticated numerical solution procedures, complex mesh geometry, and dynamic data structures within the same application. These research programs in AMR methods and applications will guide the development of local refinement capabilities in future ASC application codes.

Our SAMRAI effort is developing the parallel adaptive mesh refinement infrastructure necessary to support the AMR requirements of our laboratory and university collaborators. We are focusing on large-scale parallelism, providing advanced linear and nonlinear solver capabilities, and researching computational techniques to manage complex, tightly coupled physics applications. We will apply these methodologies to modeling unsteady compressible flows with radiative transport and multi-material interfaces in the presence of shocks.