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Scientific Data Management

This project is now inactive.

DataFoundry is an ongoing research effort to improve scientists' interactions with large data sets. Because this is a broad goal, the project focus evolves with the needs of the scientists using DataFoundry. Efforts within the current scope include:
  • improving access to distributed, heterogeneous data, for example through multi-database or data warehousing techniques
  • reducing the size of the data sets being analyzed, for example by filtering data
  • providing novel ways of interacting with the data, for example allowing a broad range of user defined queries
  • determining appropriate ways to store data for efficient retrieval.
This mandate extends beyond the data generated by an individual scientist, to include all of the information required to perform the desired research. Because Data Foundry is a research project, we work on problems for which existing approaches fail to provide a satisfactory solution. Instead, we develop new approaches that extend the current state-of-the-art in database, data management, and data access technology. We then validate these approaches through proof-of-concept prototypes. When sufficient interest warrants, these prototypes are transferred to a development team to further harden the code before it is generally released.

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