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Data Science Summer Institute
Engage in practical research to further your data science education

The Data Science Summer Institute (DSSI) offers data science graduate and undergraduate students a 10-week paid summer internship opportunity that applies machine learning, statistics, and high-performance computing to real-world problems.

Working closely with Laboratory mentors, interns will complete a research project and share their results through a presentation and a poster session. They will attend lectures and seminars; tour LLNL’s facilities such as the National Ignition Facility, the Livermore Computing Complex, and the Additive Manufacturing facility; and explore new technologies that can be applied to the data sciences. In addition, interns participate in the DSSI Grand Challenge, during which teams compete to build the best data analysis system.

The program runs from June through August, with the start and end dates tailored to the individual student’s school schedule. Mentors propose project ideas that permit students to work on activities related to a broad spectrum of topics in data science and technically relevant to LLNL’s national security mission.

Students who would like more information about the Data Heroes Program or who would like to submit an application should visit the LLNL DSSI site.