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Our People
Lisa Belk chats with intern Emily Murch in front of Emily's poster

When IT manager Lisa Belk entered college, it was not her intent to seek out a career in a technical field. The technical jobs just seemed to find her.

LLNL computer scientist Greg Lee is shown playing tennis

Greg Lee helps develop tools designed to boost performance and productivity of Livermore scientists. “I’ve never had worries about there being a lack of work,” he says. “As the computers get bigger and more complex, we’ll always need new and improved tools to make them run better.”

Punita Sinha works on her laptop

LLNL computer scientist and physics simulations group leader Punita Sinha feels she has made the right career choice. “Working here, you get a sense that you’re part of the bigger picture,” she says.

Marisol Gamboa

At just 5 years old, Marisol Gamboa, the oldest of six siblings to Mexican immigrants, decided she was definitely going to college. That revelation came to her when she and her family took her aunt to start college.

Supercomputing architectures depend on fast, reliable communication between systems and data.