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Our People
Tammy Dahlgren stands in the Livermore Computing Complex B453

Tammy Dahlgren has worked primarily in software development and research, as well as on efforts ranging from systems and middleware to applications development and software quality assurance. “I like challenges, trying different things, and the opportunity to make a positive impact,” she says.

LLNL's Juan Ramos with laptop

While it may not be intuitive that the Marine Corps is the place to discover a professional calling in computer networking, security, and information technology, that is exactly what happened for Juan Ramos.

Portrait of senior computer support technologist Johnnie Shell

Michelangelo is famed as having said, “I am still learning”, at age 87. Senior computer support technologist Johnnie Shell agrees with the sentiment.

Michael Loomis explains one of his scientific visualizations

Communicating complex scientific and technological concepts to a variety of audiences may seem daunting to some, but for animator Michael Loomis, it’s all in a day’s work.

Supercomputing architectures depend on fast, reliable communication between systems and data.