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Rushil Anirudh

CASC researcher Rushil Anirudh describes the machine learning field as undergoing a “gold rush.” He works on deep learning, computer vision, and high-dimensional data analysis projects.

Kirk Sylvester stands outside the Bankhead Theater

Kirk Sylvester, a security training coordinator with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL’s) Global Security Computing Applications Division, is a self-proclaimed “tech geek.”

Marisa Torres speaks at the WiDS conference

Throughout her career, Marisa Torres, a senior bioinformatics software developer with LLNL’s Global Security Computing Applications Division, has combined her love of biology with coding.

Gordon Lau performs an experiment at a Fun With Science event

When computer scientist Gordon Lau arrived at Lawrence Livermore more than 20 years ago, he was a contractor assigned to a laser isotope separation project.

Joshua Senecal Finds Balance at NIF

The NIF Computing (NIFC) team plays an integral role in this smoothly running facility, and computer scientist Joshua Senecal supports multiple operational areas.