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Organization: ISCR
Institute for Scientific Computing Research

At the Institute for Scientific Computing Research (ISCR), we connect people and ideas. Our mission is to engage, educate, and empower scientists—both inside and outside of LLNL—operating at the extreme limits of high-performance computing (HPC). Through directed research projects, sponsored conferences and seminars, and outreach programs, we build the scientific and technical base for future computational research and push the boundaries of what is possible with HPC.

Research. ISCR fosters multidisciplinary collaborations between LLNL researchers and faculty and students on singular projects that seek to redefine for the world what is computationally possible. These efforts support and enhance Laboratory missions while developing the computational technology and expertise needed to effectively use tomorrow’s computers. For instance, ISCR is involved in the Cimarron Project, a multi-institution collaboration dedicated to the prediction and measurement of properties of dense, highly collisional, and strongly-coupled plasmas.

Visitors and Collaborators. ISCR hosts a wide range of guests throughout the year. The single largest effort is Computation’s Scholar Program, which brings over 140 students at LLNL each summer. Dozens of faculty members also spend the summer at LLNL, or arrange for longer-term, sabbatical visits ranging from 3–12 months. During the year, ISCR also serves as the host to graduate students and postdocs. ISCR also arranges many other collaborative interactions with LLNL’s Computation Directorate, such as visiting scientists and invited guests.

Lectures and Seminars. ISCR sponsors and hosts technical seminars in the computational and computing sciences that serve as a vital link between the latest academic research and research activity at LLNL. These seminars can take on a variety of flavors, ranging from high-level, broadly relevant lectures to focused technical talks intended for specific interest groups. As a part of this mission, we sponsor a Masterworks Lecture Series, which highlights groundbreaking work in the application of HPC.