SAMRAI Publications

Selected Software and Algorithm Publications

  • Gunney, B. T. N., A. M. Wissink, and D. A. Hysom, "Parallel Clustering Algorithms for Structured AMR", Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 66(11):1419-1430 (2006).
  • Hornung, R. D., A. M. Wissink, and S. R. Kohn, "Managing Complex Data and Geometry in Parallel Structured AMR Applications", Engineering with Computers, doi:10.1007/s00366-006-0038-6 (2006).
  • Pernice, M. and R. D. Hornung, "Newton-Krylov-FAC Methods for Problems Discretized on Locally-Refined Grids," Computing and Visualization in Science 8(2):107-118 (2005).
  • Wissink, A. M., D. A. Hysom, and R. D. Hornung, "Enhancing Scalability of Parallel Structured AMR Calculations," Proceedings of the International Conference on Supercomputing 2003 (ICS'03), San Francisco, CA, June 23-26, 2003, pp. 336-347. Also available as LLNL technical report UCRL-JC-151791.
  • Hornung, R. D. and S. R. Kohn, "Managing Application Complexity in the SAMRAI Object-Oriented Framework", Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 14:347-368 (2002).
  • Wissink, A. M., R. D. Hornung, S. R.Kohn. S. S. Smith, and N. S. Elliott, "Large Scale Structured AMR Calculations Using the SAMRAI Framework", SC01 Proceedings, Denver, CO, Nov. 10-16, 2001. Also available as LLNL technical report UCRL-JC-144755.

Selected Application Publications

  • Fattebert, J.-L., R. D. Hornung, and A. M. Wissink, "Finite Element Approach for Density Functional Theory Calculations on Locally-refined Meshes", Journal of Computational Physics, doi:10.1016/ (2006).
  • Griffith, Boyce E., Richard D. Hornung, David M. McQueen, and Charles S. Peskin, "An Adaptive, Formally Second-order Accurate Version of the Immersed Boundary Method", Journal of Computational Physics, doi:10.1016/ (2006).
  • Pernice, M. and B. Philip, "Solution of Equilibrium Radiation Diffusion Problems Using Implicit Adaptive Mesh Refinement", SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing 27(5):1709-1726 (2006).
  • Ma, J., H. Lu, B. Wang, R. Hornung, A. Wissink, and R. Komanduri, "Multiscale Simulations Using Generalized Interpolation Material Point (GIMP) Method and Molecular Dynamics (MD)", Computer Modeling in Engineering Sciences 14(2):101-118 (2006).
  • Nourgaliev, R. R., T. N. Dinh, and T. G. Theofanous, "Adaptive Characteristics-based Matching for Compressible Multifluid Dynamics", Journal of Computational Physics 213(2): 500-529 (2006).
  • Ma, J., H. Lu, B. Wang, S. Roy, R. Hornung, A. Wissink, and R. Komanduri, "Multiscale Simulations Using Gemeralized Interpolation material Point (GIMP) Method and SAMRAI Parallel Processing", Computer Modeling in Engineering Sciences, 8(2):135-152 (2005).
  • Nourgaliev, R. R., S. Y. Sushchikh, T. N. Dinh, and T. G. Theofanous, "Shock Wave Refraction Patterns at Interfaces", International Journal of Multiphase Flow 31(9): 969-995 (2005).
  • Wijesinghe, H. S., R. D. Hornung, A. L. Garcia, and N. G. Hadjiconstantinou, "Three-dimensional Hybrid Continuum-Atomistic Simulations for Multiscale Hydrodynamics," Journal of Fluids Engineering 126:768-777, 2004.
  • Anderson, R. W., N. S. Elliott, and R. B. Pember, "An Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for the Solution of the Euler Equations", Journal of Computational Physics 199(2): 598-617 (2004).
  • Dorr M. R., F. X. Garaizar, and J. A. F. Hittinger, "Simulation of Laser Plasma Filamentation Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement", Journal of Computational Physics, 177(2): 233-263 (2002).





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