SUNDIALS (SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers) consists of the following five solvers:

CVODE solves initial value problems for ordinary differential equation (ODE) systems.
CVODES solves ODE systems and includes sensitivity analysis capabilities (forward and adjoint).
ARKODE solves initial value ODE problems with additive Runge-Kutta methods, include support for IMEX methods.
IDA solves initial value problems for differential-algebraic equation (DAE) systems.
IDAS solves DAE systems and includes sensitivity analysis capabilities (forward and adjoint).
KINSOL solves nonlinear algebraic systems.

In addition, SUNDIALS provides a Matlab interface to CVODES, IDAS, and KINSOL, sundialsTB. [Note: sundialsTB has not been updated in release v. 2.6.0.  We expect to update this in a future release.]


13 March 2015 New release (v.2.6.0) [Download | What's new?]
21 March 2012 New release (v.2.5.0)
11 May 2009 New release (v.2.4.0)
06 Nov. 2006 New release (v.2.3.0)
27 Mar. 2006 New release (v.2.2.0)
Added FAQ [Browse] and Usage Notes [Browse]
19 May 2005 New release (v.2.1.1)
sundialsTB - Matlab interface for CVODES
11 Apr. 2005 New release (v.2.1.0)
22 Mar. 2005 Added sundials-users mailing list archive
Added download links for older versions
03 Mar. 2005 New release (v.2.0.2)
28 Jan. 2005 Added mailing lists [Subscribe]
New release (v.2.0.1)
08 Dec. 2004 New release (v.2.0)


Carol Woodward Nonlinear Solvers and Differential Equations Project
Alan Hindmarsh Center for Applied Scientific Computing

The SUNDIALS Team: Carol S. Woodward, Daniel R. Reynolds, Alan C. Hindmarsh, and Lawrence E. Banks. We acknowledge significant past contributions of Radu Serban.

We also acknowledge past contributions of Peter N. Brown, Scott Cohen, Aaron Collier, Keith E. Grant, Steven L. Lee, Cosmin Petra, Dan Shumaker, and Allan G. Taylor.