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Scientific Data Mining

The Center for Applied Scientific Computing at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is developing scalable algorithms for the interactive exploration of large, complex, multi-dimensional scientific data. By applying and extending ideas from data mining, image and video processing, statistics, and pattern recognition, we are developing a new generation of computational tools and techniques that are being used to improve the way in which scientists extract useful information from data.  Sapphire technology is being applied to problems in a variety of application areas including plasma physics experiments and simulations, remote sensing imagery, video surveillance, climate simulations, astronomy, and fluid mix experiments and simulations.

R&D 100 Award
The Sapphire team (Erick Cantu-Paz, Samson Cheung, Abel Gezahegne, Cyrus Harrison, Chandrika Kamath, and Nu Ai Tang) received the 2006 R&D 100 award for their work on the Sapphire scientific data mining software. [S&TR article]

More information on the work done by the Sapphire team is available at the links below.

For more technical information, contact: -- Chandrika Kamath, (925) 423-3768

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