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Our People
LLNL's Juan Ramos with laptop

While it may not be intuitive that the Marine Corps is the place to discover a professional calling in computer networking, security, and information technology, that is exactly what happened for Juan Ramos.

Michael Loomis explains one of his scientific visualizations

Communicating complex scientific and technological concepts to a variety of audiences may seem daunting to some, but for animator Michael Loomis, it’s all in a day’s work.

Edgar Leon stands in front of a supercomputer

Working on world-class supercomputers at a U.S. national laboratory was not what Edgar Leon, a native of Mexico, envisioned when he began preparing for university, but “I was intrigued by programming languages and how they could be applied to solve a variety of problems,” he says.

Lisa Belk chats with intern Emily Murch in front of Emily's poster

When IT manager Lisa Belk entered college, it was not her intent to seek out a career in a technical field. The technical jobs just seemed to find her.

Peter Robinson shown in his office

Peter Robinson develops major infrastructure components and code development processes for ALE3D, a numerical simulation tool. “I love being able to push simulation codes to their limits,” he says. “It’s just an awesome feeling to launch a large-scale job on a machine like Sequoia knowing that you added a critical piece of technology.”