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Our people support and propel scientific discovery.

Computation is dedicated to an idea: HPC drives scientific innovation. Our programs and institutes turn this idea into reality.

We remain the leading HPC and computer science organization by promoting knowledge, insight, and discovery. We make sure that LLNL reaches mission and program goals by delivering outstanding expertise, world-class HPC capabilities, and creative technology and software solutions.

Portrait of Dona Crawford, LLNL Associate Director for Computation
Dona Crawford
Associate Director: Computation

Computing is in our blood at LLNL. Since our founding in 1952, we have pioneered the development of computational tools and their application to complex scientific and engineering problems. Computation develops and deploys the world-class, next-generation machines and computational science expertise that enable the science and engineering critical to NNSA national security missions.

Portrait of Ghaleb Abdulla, Director of ISCR
Ghaleb Abdulla
Director: Institute for Scientific Computing Research

The ISCR engages, educates, and empowers the next generation of computational scientists through directed research projects, sponsored conferences and seminars, computer allocations, and outreach programs.


Portrait of Trish Damkroger, LLNL Acting Department Head of Computing Applications and Research
Trish Damkroger
Department Head: Computing Applications and Research

The CAR Department provides innovative applications and tools and relevant computer science and math research to accelerate scientific discovery. CAR uses large-scale and Big Data computing, data analytics, and worldwide collaboration to address scientific grand challenges—energy generation, bio-remediation, climate science, and materials-structure aging—that are leading the way to an era of extreme-scale science.

Portrait of Lori Diachin, LLNL Director of Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Lori Diachin
Division Leader: Center for Applied Scientific Computing

CASC performs world-class applied math, computer science, and data science research for national security problems related to the weapons program, cyber and energy security, and knowledge discovery for intelligence applications.

Benjamin Grover
Division Leader: Applications, Simulations, and Quality

ASQ provides LLNL programs with the world-class computer science expertise required to solve challenging problems in the areas of massively parallel simulation, Web, mobile, software quality assurance, security, and product lifecycle management.

Jamie Van Randwyk
Division Leader: Global Security Computing Applications

GS-CAD provides tailored computer science R&D support to LLNL’s Global Security Program. Our programmers, analysts, and architects implement innovative solutions to pressing national security concerns brought to the Lab by government sponsors.

Portrait of Katie Lewis, Division Leader: National Ignition Facility Computing Applications
Katie Lewis
Division Leader: National Ignition Facility Computing Applications

The NIF Computing Applications Division partners with other scientists and engineers to enable NIF’s drive toward fusion ignition through delivery of high performance control systems, data analysis, and information technology.

Portrait of Terri Quinn, head of Integrated Computing and Communications
Terri Quinn
Department Head: Integrated Computing and Communications

ICC’s focus is on computing—everything from supercomputing to office computing. We operate a first-rate supercomputing environment for computational science and engineering, and we deliver robust enterprise IT services.

Portrait of LLNL Livermore Computing Division Leader Kim Cupps
Kim Cupps
Division Leader: Livermore Computing

Livermore Computing delivers an easily accessible, world-class computing environment to LLNL scientists.

Portrait of Brett Cornell, Division Leader of Computer Systems Support Division
Brett Cornell
Division Leader: Computer Systems Support

CSS delivers comprehensive technical expertise in IT services and solutions to enable LLNL missions. Our staff provides desktop and server support to more than 20,000 computers for organizations across LLNL.


Trish Damkroger, Acting Head of Information Technology Department
Trish Damkroger
Acting Department Head: Information Technology

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Department delivers robust enterprise IT applications and services and consists of the following Program Elements: Enterprise Application Services, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Enterprise IT Strategy and Chief Technologist, Enterprise Telecommunication Services, IT Solutions and Networking.

Portrait of Kristin Ruley, Section Leader, Customer Service, Operations, and Support
Kristin Ruley
Section Leader: Customer Service, Operations, and Support
Institute for Scientific Computing Research
Computing Applications and Research
Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Applications, Simulations, and Quality
Global Security Computing Applications
National Ignition Facility Computing Applications
Integrated Computing and Communications
Livermore Computing
Computer Systems Support
Information Technology
Customer Service, Operations, and Support